Less than two months into the year-end, the Peruvian Armed Forces purchasing agency has managed 40 military procurement processes – Noticias

We have confirmed that the Peruvian Armed Forces Purchasing Agency (ACFFAA) managed 40 military procurement processes less than two months after the end of the year: 19 nationally and 21 abroad. This is only 8 additional processes compared to the previous year, in which 32 were performed. The investment made is estimated at approximately $ 48.2 million.

The ACFFAA has convened a total of 19 procedures on the national market: 4 in the form of a public tender, 11 in the form of a public tender and 4 in the form of a so-called simplified takeover. In relation to public tenders, only those relating to marine and river, vehicle and hydrocarbon insurance, and engine and generator maintenance services of the Rio Pativilca class marine patrol companies for an amount of $ 443,000,000. The corporate aviation insurance contract for the armed forces for the period 2020-2021, which will cover 200 aircraft: 58 from the Army, 22 from the Navy and 120 from the Air Force, has been annulled due to the fact that the bidders’ proposals are exceeded the allocated budget of $ 17.4 million by far. Given this scenario, the armed forces could – in order for their aircraft, in addition to their national defense role, to continue carrying out the missions of transporting materials, equipment and medical supplies, as well as humanitarian aid, as well as passenger and aero-medical evacuations for combating the Covid-19 pandemic – them were forced to conclude direct contracts that from December only cover civil liability towards third parties and personal accidents for crew members and passengers, but with a few exceptions not the so-called helmet insurance.

Of the 11 public tenders, the Agency reported 7 because two had been annulled (due to a bad request or a poorly executed process) and one was canceled. Noteworthy include the acquisition of 1,258 Hytera PDC760 radios and 74 TETRA Hytera PTC680 devices for the Rapid Intervention Companies for Disasters (CIRD) of the armed forces for 1.19 million dollars, as well as the award of contracts for the improvement and expansion work of the armed forces. The operational and logistical capacity of the Special Operations Training Center (CEOES) on the island of San Lorenzo is estimated at $ 3 million. The acquisition of a convergent private cloud system for the IT platform of the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) remains to be defined. Finally, the ACFFAA called four procedures in the Simplified Award modality, a relatively faster procedure which, however, takes into account less demanding requirements for bidders, of which only the procedure for the acquisition of two 800 engines has currently been carried out. HP for the BAP San Lorenzo (ART-332) for $ 278 thousand.

In the overseas market, the ACFFAA administered 20 cases under the special arrangement, one of which was annulled, 16 of which were closed for an amount of $ 41.5 million. The most important acquisition was the renewal of the comprehensive, zero-inventory logistics support program for the Peruvian Air Force’s DHC-6-400 Twin Otter fleet for 3/11 under a contract with Viking Air Ltd. (Canada) millions of dollars. Other important acquisitions, also for the Air Force, were 4 CH-2000 Alarus Primary Training Aircraft for USD 750,000, 2 Enstrom F-280FX Shark training helicopters for USD 2.2 million and a Boeing 737-400F for USD 10. $ 4 million.

In addition, the MEOSAR (Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue) system for the Directorate-General for Captains and Coast Guards (DICAPI) has signed a $ 2.2 million contract with EMS Technologies (Canada) and a lot of aerospace tools and equipment for the Army Aeronautical Maintenance Center (CEMAE) for approximately $ 4 million operated by Lionel Europe Ltd. should be delivered. This latest acquisition, which was badly needed, will allow CEMAE to complete its work by mid-2021, the commissioning of 480 FN SCAR-L 5.56mm rifles was completed. and 72 machine guns: 48 M-249 of 5.56 mm. and 24 7.62mm M-240B for $ 2.2M. The procedures for the acquisition of battery packs for Atlas Elektronic SUT-264 torpedoes and 11 of 10 ton Tropa trucks (6×6) have not yet been completed. for the Navy as well as many spare parts for a transport and combat helicopter Mi-17-1B of the Army Aviation.

Finally, as part of the international contractual modality, the update service for the SICAD Cataloging Computer Tool and the logistics systems of the armed forces and the ACFFAA was discontinued. This process was valued at only $ 97,000 and was awarded to a systems engineer. for the Defense of Spain (ISDEFE). (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: One of the most important acquisitions by ACFFAA was the renewal of the comprehensive logistics support program for the fleet of DHC-6-400 Twin Otter from Viking Air Ltd. (Canada) via a contract with Viking Air Ltd. (Canada) the Peruvian Air Force for $ 11.3 million.

The Air Force acquired a Boeing 737-400F through the ACFFAA.

The acquisition of a ton of aviation tools and equipment can complete the equipment for the Army Aeronautical Maintenance Center (CEMAE), which is scheduled to go into operation in mid-2021.

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