Leonardo’s anti-torpedo measures and Lacroixse’s decoy launch system

Leonardo and Lacroix have signed a strategic agreement to work together to develop and integrate solutions in the field of countermeasures at sea. The collaboration, which includes both new technologies and business opportunities, will initially see the creation of the Sylena Mk2 / MJTE solution. This enables the integration of this Lacroix decoy launch system into the anti-torpedo countermeasures MJTE (Mobile Jammer Target Emulator), Leonardo’s most modern jamming transmitter. It can emulate the acoustic signature of its target platform and emit a strong jamming signal to create convincing false targets so that the boat can perform effective evasive maneuvers.

Compared to other solutions on the market, the new MJTE incorporates a range of protection techniques into one low cost unit and works effectively at close range. The MJTE is part of the new anti-torpedo package from Leonardo, which includes the Black Snake sonar, the new OTO deception system (ODLS20) and the company’s software package that calculates the optimal time for clearing countermeasures and routes. Escape of the target ship. The collaboration agreement will expand the market for both the MJTE and Sylena Mk2 launch systems. The compact and lightweight format makes it suitable for small and medium-sized vessels and expands the potential user base for the MJTE.

In the meantime, the new innovative features will enhance the usefulness of the Sylena Mk2. Andrea Padella, Head of Defense Systems at Leonardo Electronics, said: “This agreement confirms Leonardo’s ability to interpret, respond and often anticipate market needs. This partnership offers clear synergies as we can deliver together as a sophisticated solution for U- Boot defense measures, even for platforms with limited space, require compact and lightweight launch systems that can simultaneously provide anti-aircraft and anti-submarine capabilities.

Franois Moulinier, COO of Lacroix Defense stated: After the work we have done with Leonardo to integrate Sylena into their Athena-C combat management system under ongoing contracts, this collaboration is a natural step in developing joint solutions. Leonardo is a major player in the European Industrial and Technological Defense Base (BITD). This association shows the maturity of our solutions and the unmatched modularity and versatility of our range of systems.

In order to meet the needs of its customers, Lacroix has developed a range of new generation decoy launch systems (DLS) since 2012 to protect and significantly increase the survival rate of ships, from patrol boats operating the Sylena Lightweight to to destroyers. with the MK1 and MK2. With the Sealat, Sylena launchers can use the latest generation of Seaclad ammunition, corner reflectors and IR bait as well as anti-submarine solutions (ASW) for the Sylena MK2.

The Sylena MK2 DLS is the world’s first static missile defense system that operates both corner reflectors (sealem) and anti-torpedo countermeasures, maximizing protection with a highly reliable system at a low cost of ownership. The fact that the Sylena DLS launcher only fires mortar with no pneumatic restrictions and has a tight footprint and low recoil allows for limited acquisition and integration costs. The system has already convinced numerous navies to modernize or improve their ships. Leonardo, Italy’s leading industrial company, is a global high-tech company that is among the top ten global aerospace, defense and security companies.

The company is divided into five business areas and has a strong presence in Italy, Great Britain, Poland and the USA. It also operates there through subsidiaries such as Leonardo DRS (Defense Electronics) as well as joint ventures and associated companies: ATR, MBDA, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space and Avio. The company competes in international markets by leveraging its technology and product leading areas (helicopters, aircraft, aircraft structures, electronics, cybersecurity and space). In 2019, the company recorded sales of EUR 13.8 billion and invested EUR 1.5 billion in research and development.

Lacroix Defense from the French Etienne Lacroix Group has specialized in the development and manufacture of pyrotechnic self-protection systems and training solutions in the aerospace, land and marine sectors for more than 50 years. It has been the main bait supplier to the French armed forces since the 1980s and has customers around the world supplying ammunition to more than 150 ships around the world. In the last 15 years a new generation of radar, infrared and TV controlled threat bait and systems has been introduced. The Seaclads protect more than 50 platforms with more than 10,000 ammunition delivered.

Photo: Leonardo’s Athena Combat Management System.

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