LATAM will be included in the list of the 20 largest airlines in the world in 2020

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The latest analysis by the renowned aviation consultancy OAG entitled “Start 2020 – Basic Key Figures of the World’s Largest Airlines” has just been published and is offering seats to the world’s 20 largest airlines in the 2020 summer season (winter in the southern hemisphere) shows that LATAM is now among them.

LATAM aircraft stopped during the pandemic

The publication, released last Thursday, October 15, offers a comprehensive overview of the current performance of airlines based on data from the summer 2020 season (June to September) of the northern hemisphere, which already covers the impact of the Covid- 19 pandemic caused a demand crisis.

The analysis not only provides data on global ratings at home and abroad for the top 20 airlines, but also data on the number of routes operated (with a minimum frequency of 1 flight per week), seats, flights, 5 main airports, capacity trends since Start of the year and fleet figures.

Not surprisingly, the narrative and dates are different from any other year due to the crisis. As always, however, there are differences in the impact. While the top 20 airlines saw domestic capacity (seats) decrease 45% compared to last summer and international flight services fell an impressive 82%, some airlines outperformed others and moved up to global.

Among those who did better is LATAM, the only Latin American to be included in the classification. Below you will find the ranking list with the exchange of positions between 2019 (S19) and 2020 (S20) as well as the legend of the company codes.

Source: OAG Source: OAG

Some highlights of the 2020 ranking are:

– Aided by the size of their domestic market and relative control of the pandemic, Chinese airlines China Southern, China Eastern and Air China had the least impact and have now moved up to 2nd, 3rd and 6th place.

– Southwest Airlines maintains its position as the largest airline in the world, thanks in part to the sizeable domestic market in the US. However, their key colleagues in the US fared much worse as the hub operations were affected by reduced services and consumer preference for direct flights.

– The major airlines in the US, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines, all fell behind in ratings due to the impact on their central airports and decreased connectivity between domestic and international flights.

– Some airlines dropped the top 20 rankings in summer 2020. Emirates (formerly 13th) and Qatar Airways (formerly 20th) are two of them, both airlines with no domestic market and dependent on international markets.

– On the flip side, five airlines enter the top 20 including Japan Airlines, Aeroflot, LATAM and Air Canada, benefiting from sizable domestic markets that are relatively less affected.

LATAM data

According to the OAG, LATAM’s domestic capacity in summer 2020 was 83% below the level of summer 2019, while international capacity was 95% below the level. Although the capacity is growing slowly, the occupancy factors remain well below the level before Covid.

The data shows the following variations between 2019 and 2020:

– Routes (total): Reduced from 619 to 257
– Routes 2020 (domestic markets): 228 (-178)
– Routes 2020 (international markets): 29 (-184)

– Seats (total): Reduction from 47,446,504 to 6,810,760
– Seats 2020 (domestic): 6,311,054 (-83%)
– Seats 2020 (international): 499,706 (-95%)

– Flights (total): Reduced from 271,947 to 40,391
– Flights 2020 (domestic): 38,473 (-83%)
– Flights 2020 (international): 1,918 (-96%)

Source: OAG

The analysis also shows the five main airports in the LATAM network in the 2020 summer season with their percentage reductions compared to the previous year:

– Seats: 1,680,126 (-72%)
– Routes: 47

– Seats: 653,371 (-75%)
– Routes: 30

– Seats: 430,026 (-87%)
– Routes: 21

– Seats: 358,637 (-92%)
– Routes: 13

Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont)
– Seats: 286,914 (-70%)
– Routes: 5

Source: OAG

It is interesting to note that while LATAM is relatively out of date in terms of gol and azul as the Brazilian market is recovering, it is still among the top 20 in the world, showing the group’s international relevance for serving multiple markets across South America .

OAG information

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