Latam overtook Azul in September and took second place among passengers

On Tuesday (20) the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) released its air traffic figures in September, highlighting the increase of eight hundred thousand passengers from the figure in August.

A key move emerges from the agency’s statistics showing Latam Brasil’s advances in domestic market share, outperforming Azul and approaching Gol. The latter also increased its share compared to the previous month. The demand for domestic flights is still 55% below the previous year’s period, which is why numerous changes in market share can be expected in the coming months.

See the number of participants registered in August and September:

GOL – 35.5% in August and 38.5% in September
LATAM – rose from 28.2% in August to 33.7% in September
BLUE – fell from 35.4% in August to 27.4% last month

For more information on the September market, please see the infographic below provided by ANAC.

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