LATAM Airbus A320 loses its separation from another aircraft upon landing in Cuiabá

A LATAM Brasil Airbus lost the required minimum separation between aircraft as it approached landing in Cuiabá. The incident was registered as serious by CENIPA.

The case occurred last Tuesday, October 13th, but was only registered today (19) in the database of the Center for Air Force Accident Investigation and Prevention (CENIPA) of the Brazilian Air Force.

At the time of the incident, the Airbus A320 with registration number PR-MYW, which served flight LA3368 from São Paulo to Cuiabá and carried 156 passengers and six crew members, was too close to another aircraft, below the minimum separation permitted by aviation regulations according to CENIPA .

CENIPA did not say how large the distance (horizontal and vertical) was between the aircraft, classifying it only as a serious incident and a type of air traffic. The analysis of why the two aircraft remained below the minimum values ​​is still ongoing.

The agency also reports that the other aircraft was a Piper Navajo, a twin-engine propeller that is very popular in executive and general aviation. This Piper with PT-OLF registration started from Cuiabá to Rondonópolis and met the LATAM Airbus, which departed for the capital Mato Grosso, during the ascent.

According to the FlightRadar24 application, no sudden changes in course, altitude or speed were recorded on flight LA3368 that day while Navajo could not be tracked.

We have contacted LATAM Brasil if the company would like to add more information. When we receive it, we will include it here.

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