La Méndez Núñez takes over the baton as the command ship of the Permanent Marine Group No. 2 of NATO-Noticias

The frigate Cristbal Coln handed over the baton to the ‘Mndez Nez’ as the command ship of the Standing Marine Group 2 of NATO (SNMG-2) during a ceremony in the Romanian port of Constanza. The event was led by the commander of the Agrupacin, Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre Alderegua, who exercises the tactical command of the units aboard the command ship or, as it is called in the Alliance, the flagship.

The F-100 class frigates, the spearhead of the Spanish fleet, have been a major command ship since June last year. Initially, “lvaro de Bazn” (F101) was transferred to NATO, which was replaced by “Cristbal Coln” (F105) in November. It is now up to the ‘Mndez Nez’ (F104) to close the Spanish commitment to NATO under the national operational control of the Operations Command.

The SNMG-2 group currently consists of four ships from different nations of the Atlantic Alliance. Over the next week, these units will conduct the Sea Shield 2021 naval exercise in the Black Sea to improve their training, interoperability and reaffirm NATO’s presence in the region.

During its deployment, the frigate ‘Cristbal Coln’ participated in international exercises (e.g. Dynamic Manta 21, ZEST 20 or NAIAS 20) as well as missions to monitor maritime traffic, support the Sea Guardian operation or the naval presence in the black Sea participated.

The frigate Mndez Nez, which has just completed an intensive preparatory phase for the mission, is ready to act as the group’s command ship until the end of June. In the meantime, the ship will take over the tasks assigned to it by NATO, demonstrating Spain’s commitment to peace, world security and international legality.

The permanent maritime grouping of NATO is a naval force in which surface units of the various allies are integrated. The task of the grouping is to provide NATO with an immediate operational response capability in sea scenarios. The Navy has been present in these groups for more than 30 years.

Photo: Arrival of the SNMG-2 commander.

Ship unloading command.

Text and photo of the defense staff.

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