King Air B-200 courses for the pilots of the Argentine Air Force-Noticias

The Argentine Air Force has released the terms of the public offer to contract flight simulator services for King Air B-200 as part of the purchase of twin turboprop aircraft to connect and train TC crews. / UC-12B Hurn, for which an amount of nearly two hundred and forty thousand dollars was earmarked.

The institution was able to promote the purchase of a dozen TC-12B and UC-12B Hurns that were previously on the inventory of the North American Naval Forces. The aircraft was made available to Buenos Aires as part of the EDA Excess Defense Articles program at a cost of US $ 4,800,000. To this amount must be added the planned investment for the overhaul before it flies from the US. Comment was made on the possible arrival of several aircraft for the next several months after they were discontinued.

The technical requirements that the Argentine troops make for commissioning the service speak of ten initial courses in the FFS level D simulator and ten recurring courses in the FFS level D simulator, which will last two weeks. The public documentation also details that anyone offering the service must provide updated documentation of the King Air B-200 aircraft as well as instrumental information for the simulator classes and that the language of the courses is preferably Spanish or English. The simulators to be used must be of the Full Flight Simulator Level D type of the Beechcraft King Air B-200 and have a cockpit configuration with one position for pilot, copilot, observer and instructor.

In terms of the use of these aircraft, their presence will enable an efficient and capable machine capable of carrying out liaison missions and light loads between air force bases and where the general staff is available. Also, replace the Twin Otter veterans in training new Air Force transport pilots. (Luis Pieiro)

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