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The joint flight training maneuvers between the French and Egyptian air forces were completed in the latter country. The training, which ran from January 30 to February 2, included Rafale aircraft from both nations, as well as Egyptian MiG-29M / M2, F-16 and Mirage-2000 fighters.

The communiqué issued by Egypt underscores the level of sophistication achieved by the armed forces, as well as the exchange of training and tactical experience in planning, execution, command and control. These exercises are part of the military relationship and the joint cooperation of the Air Force with its colleagues from partner countries and friends. The training was attended by Lieutenant General Mohamed Abbas Helmy, commander of the Egyptian Air Force and division pilot General Laurent Learbet, Vice President of French Air Transport, as well as several chiefs of the Egyptian and French armed forces.

In the first phases of the training, several meetings were held to standardize combat concepts, exchange training experiences and conduct training flights on operational tasks for the participating armed forces. The training aims to refine the skills of the forces involved on both sides to achieve the highest level of efficiency and readiness for performing common tasks and managing flight operations using the latest air forces with high efficiency in various circumstances.

During these exercises, the SCALP-EG air-to-surface missile was seen next to the Egyptian Rafale fighters, of which there was no evidence of an entry in the inventory of the Egyptian Air Force. This is due to the United States’ prohibition of the Franco-Egyptian Agreement, as these missiles contain electronic components of American origin that require an export license under the International Arms Traffic Regulations (ITAR). However, it appears that France has replaced the components. of French components and managed to close the deal of 50 SCALP-EG missiles with the Egyptian side. The SCALP-EG cruise missiles are one of the urgent requirements of the Egyptian Air Force as they offer the ability to attack over long distances, while the range of the export version reaches 300 km with destructive capacity and strong target penetration. (Mohammed Halimi, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in North Africa)

Photo: Part of the troops and aircraft participating in the training (Egyptian Ministry of Defense)

A SCALP-EG missile is visible in front of the combat aircraft (Egyptian Ministry of Defense).

The exercises included aerial refueling (Egyptian Ministry of Defense)

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