JetBlue’s first Airbus A220 replaces Embraer and is ready

JetBlue released images of its first Airbus A220 jet today, October 19th, which will replace the Embraer jets in the company’s fleet founded by Brazilian David Neeleman.

JetBlue disclosure

Manufactured by Airbus in Mobile, Alabama, the C-GPJH interim registration jet is the first of 70 units of the A220-300, the former Bombardier CSeries CS300, to be ordered by JetBlue.

An interesting fact is that the aircraft was made in the USA and also painted in the USA at the MAAS Aviation facilities in Mobile, but is registered in Canada despite the American flag right next to it.

JetBlue disclosure

The reason is somewhat interesting: even though the jet is made in the US, it is regulated by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) as it is an original project from Canadian Bombardier. This is possible due to agreements between countries.

The A220-300 will replace all 60 first-generation Embraer E190 jets that have been on JetBlue since 2005, when the company first flew the Brazilian aircraft in the US. Some of these jets came to Azul, which, like JetBlue, was founded by the Brazilian Neeleman.

In his next project, the American airline Breeze Airways, Neeleman will follow his recipe for success: He will start with Embraer jets acquired from Azul and receive the first A220s in August next year. Something strange is that like Blue and JetBlue, Breeze also has a logo and colors in blue – it could be a David Neeleman superstition that apparently worked.

JetBlue disclosure

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