Jet backpacks seen by pilots in Los Angeles may not be real

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After several cases of pilots reporting sightings of people flying with jetpacks in Los Angeles, an expert says they can’t be real jetpacks.

Delta’s Boeing 767 lands in Los Angeles – LAX

The cases took place on August 30th and August 14th of this month and have caught the attention of local media and also spread to aviation worldwide as it is something unusual and poses a serious risk to aviation safety. .

When pilots of an American Airlines Airbus A321 and a SkyWest Airlines Embraer reported seeing a “man with a jetpack” from the first case, the country’s aviation authority (FAA) and the FBI opened an investigation.

45 days later and without any announcement of the discovery of the case, the strange fact happened again, this time reported by the crew of a Boeing 777 operated by Taiwanese China Airlines.

But according to the creator of the most advanced jet backpack in existence, or simply jetpack, it can actually be something else. For David Mayman of JetPack Aviation, the flight profile of the backpack the pilots see is not compatible with a real jetpack.

“Our most advanced backpack (video above) has enough fuel to fly for up to 10 minutes, very little time to get on, adventure and land safely. And surely the 200 pound turbojet engines are loud enough to attract the attention of someone on the ground, ”David told the AIN online portal.

Some videos were even posted on the internet, indicating that the day it was first sighted it would be the jetpack. However, the subject was too far from the camera, gave off no apparent noise, and could not be confirmed to have been taken in Los Angeles.

But these alleged videos confirm David’s theory, which suggests that it is actually just a drone disguised as a jetpack with some kind of mannequin or mannequin simulating being a man.

In this case, if it really was a drone it would explain the lack of movies even in a very populous area like the LAX approach, and also the silence to the point where no neighbor could hear the loud and strange sound of one Noticed Jetpacks. However, this would still be a violation of safety regulations and endanger the lives of people on board the aircraft.

“I don’t know exactly what happened. But it is certainly something that has an audience for the jetpack industry and our company, ”David concludes. In the meantime, the puzzle continues in Los Angeles and there are no major clues to be found.

Receive the news on your mobile, click to access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our profile on Instagram.

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