Japan Airlines (JAL) will retire 24 Boeing 777 aircraft

Due to the sharp drop in demand for travel, Japan Airlines decided to retire around 24 Boeing 777 aircraft over the next few months.

Approximately 11 777-200ER aircraft will be removed from the fleet by March 2021, along with 9 777-200 (standard version) and four Boeing 777-300 (standard version) aircraft that will be retired by 2023.

These last thirteen aircraft operated short and medium-haul flights as well as very high demand in Asian countries such as South Korea and China.

Instead of these aircraft, the Airbus A350 comes, at least for international flights. The company has already received 6 aircraft of this model and is expected to receive 12 more in the coming years.

In addition, JAL will continue to operate the Boeing 777-300ER and its Boeing 767-300. The fleet already has nearly 50 Boeing 787 family aircraft that will continue to operate.

Aerospace technology – Photo and video editor – Photographer – Aeroflap

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