Iveco Defense Vehicles delivers the first 4×4 LMV-BR to the Brazilian Army Noticias

Yesterday, the first of the 32 LMV-BR vehicles based on the contract signed in 2019 was delivered to the Brazilian Army to be assessed and approved during a ceremony at the Iveco Defense Vehicles plant in Sete Lagoas (Minas Gerais). Gerais). Representatives of the company and the armed forces attended the event. The remaining 31 units of this contract will be delivered as part of the army’s facilities modernization process in 2022.

In addition to the standard configurations of the LMV 44 platform, all vehicles are equipped with weapon systems and command and control systems at the request of the army. The LMV-BR was selected by the Brazilian Army as the new light armored multitasking vehicle (VBMT-LR) in 2015. The final assembly of the vehicles manufactured in Bolzano takes place at the Sete Lagoas plant, where various national components are integrated – weapons and command and control. The project involves the acquisition of 186 units and Iveco Defense Vehicles expects production of the next batches to begin in 2022.

Iveco Defense Vehicles is already supplying the Brazilian army with the Guarani VBTP 6 6 family of amphibious armored vehicles. Since 2012, after the first contract was signed in 2009, more than 480 units have been delivered. Guarani 6 6 units have already been exported to other customers. The LMV vehicle is designed, in a way, to be the smallest member of the Guaran family, a project that will grow to the future manufacture of 8 x 8 by 105mm can. (Javier Bonilla)

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