Itapemirim reserves the right to register for new aircraft

Itapemirim took another step towards the start of operations for the new airline and reserved the new registrations for its aircraft. All aircraft are of the Airbus A320 model and come from other companies under lease agreements.

ITA Linhas Aéreas reserves registrations with the new PS suffix used in Brazil. This suffix is ​​already used by Azul Linhas Aéreas in his new Embraer 195-E2.

Check out the list of potential new ITA aircraft:

PS-AAF – Airbus A320 – MSN 2359 – Current registration: VT-IDP at IndiGo

PS-COR – Airbus A320 – MSN 2164 – Current registration: TC-JUF with Turkish Airlines

PS-ITA – Airbus A320 – MSN 2395 – Current registration: TC-JUG with Turkish Airlines

PS-JCL – Airbus A320 – MSN 5168 – Current registration: VT-IDT at IndiGo

PS-JCP – Airbus A320 – MSN 3275 – Current registration: VH-VNC at TigerAir Australia

PS-KOM – Airbus A320 – MSN 5794 – Current registration: 9V-SLS at SilkAir

PS-ROV – Airbus A320 – MSN 5531 – Current registration: 9V-SLR at SilkAir

PS-SFC – Airbus A320 – MSN 2156 – Current registration: TC-JUE with Turkish Airlines

PS-SPJ – Airbus A320 – MSN 2589 – Current registration: EC-LQK at Vueling

PS-TCS – Airbus A320 – MSN 2204 – Current registration: XA-VOU at Volaris

There was some information about the new registrations, the prefixes of which refer to the initials of the company’s directors, but that information has not yet been confirmed. The company continues to plan to start the new business in 2021 despite the problems the owners face.

Last week, President Sidnei Piva was charged with irregularities in Itapemirim’s restructuring process. The public prosecutor responsible for the lawsuit requested that the executive’s personal assets be blocked.

Sidnei reiterated that he met all of the requirements required by the judiciary, and also said Itapemirim was on the verge of getting out of the judicial recovery it has been running since 2016.

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