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For the first time, several Israeli companies will take part in the IDEX Defense Exhibition and the NAVDEX naval version, which will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from February 21-25. As is usual with this type of event, Rafael’s presence at the event will be remarkable and he will debut with an extensive range of products.

All look forward to sharing their skills with potential customers and partners in the Middle East. For this purpose, a wide range of integral multi-purpose defense systems based on the latest generation multi-platform and intended for territorial, terrestrial, maritime, cybernetic and space purposes will be shown.

At IDEX and NAVDEX 2021, Rafael will present a variety of technology systems that meet the operational requirements of current and emerging cross-services and use advanced artificial intelligence, big data analysis and combined data fusion, as well as deep learning functions as cyber defense -Solutions. Rafael’s AI expertise plays a central role in the company’s autonomous battlefield capabilities. Enabling multi-system integration and network-centric operation, autonomous land navigation in non-GPS environments, autonomous mission planning and situational awareness using electro-optical media and high-capacity sensor systems. An example of the amalgamation of these capabilities can also be found in Rafael’s next-generation combat vehicle environment.

In the electro-optic technology, of which Rafael is a reference, it can be found in ISR systems such as the Reccelite reconnaissance gondolas, which have unique artificial intelligence capabilities and are already integrated into several platforms that have also been shipped to numerous countries in the United States World. the whole world. These airborne systems are part of Rafael’s advanced air means of warfare and network-centric connectivity.

This company is a leader in air defense technology and air defense systems and has fully battle-tested assets like the Spider ADS, which is used in various countries around the world. The company’s portfolio also includes communication systems such as the complete Fire Weaver used in Israel and evaluated in other countries, or the unique, patented Bnet SDR solution for air and ground applications.

Also on display during NAVDEX are the C-UAS marine remote weapon stations that capitalize on the Typhoon family. Naval Spike Platforms, the maritime version of the electro-optical guided missile, Naval Spike ER and NLOS. It also includes elements of asymmetric naval warfare against surface and air swarms that incorporate multiple layers into a diverse mix of synchronized intelligent multispectral sensors. These are managed by a centralized system based on artificial intelligence that contains the combat algorithm software (BA). without neglecting other coastal defense resources. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: The Hebrew company will showcase next-generation combat vehicles and media. (Rafael)

The portfolio also includes communication systems such as the Bnet SDR solution for air and ground applications. (Rafael)

The Spike marine platforms, the maritime version of the Spike ER and NLOS electro-optical guided missiles. (Rafael)

The C-UAS remote weapon stations use the Typhoon family as an MK-30 mount. (Rafael)

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