Israel will modernize 74 Medium Argentine Tank (TAM) units in Argentina, which it will deliver in 2026.

The Argentine Ambassador to Israel, Sergio Urribarri, reported on the progress of negotiations with the Ministry of Defense of that country to restart the joint project to modernize the Medium Argentine Tank (TAM). This is an important initiative for the Defense Portfolio, led by Minister Agustn Rossi.

We carried out this management together at MINDEF. Now, after months of negotiations, we have been able to get back on the market as our country was on the verge of losing advances for more than USD 17 million paid during the previous Rossi administration at the top of the portfolio, Urribarri reported after meeting with Brigadier General Yair Kulas, Director of the International Cooperation Agency of the Israel Defense Ministry.

In this context, the Ambassador added: We are working in Israel on this issue under the direction of Minister Rossi and in collaboration with the Defense Ministry team and our Foreign Ministry. The conditions are now ripe to resume the work of modernizing the TAM, the flagship vehicle of the Argentine Army, as part of the important optimization of armed forces resources through our defense portfolio.

In the meeting with the Israeli Defense Ministry official, the points of an agreement signed in December were ratified and the mechanism for completing the armament of 74 units was agreed. Technical work will begin this year and the combat vehicles will be fully delivered by 2026.

As negotiations progressed, it was agreed to carry out the mechanism for the modernization of 74 units, a task to be carried out in the workshops of Boulogne Arsenal on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

In December, the payment scheme was agreed and the delivery schedule was established. What was left in this first quarter of the year was the renegotiation of technical issues and the naming of the teams that will carry out this process and that we have made progress with Brigadier General Yair Kulas of the Israel Defense Ministry. Among other things, he informed us that the technology of the various devices that will be integrated into the TAM has been further developed, especially in these years, and that the most modern versions are used in our tanks without changing the price of the contract, explained the diplomat.

The ground force has 230 TAM main battle tanks in two armored horse brigades. The modernization on TAM2C, which is explained in detail in our defense magazine, implies the adoption of the most modern fire management system, mission system, detection device and superlative technology from the latest version of the Israeli Merkava tank.

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