Israel and the United States start developing the weapon system? Arrow-4?

The Department for the Middle East’s Department of Defense Research and Development (MAFAT), IMDO (Israel Missile Defense Organization) and the U.S. MDA (Missile Defense Agency) began developing the Arrow-4 system next generation of endo- exo-atmospheric interceptors of the Arriw weapon system, which today consists of Arrow-2 and Arrow-3. It will be an advanced and innovative missile with advanced capabilities. It will counter a variety of evolving threats and replace Arrow-2. The first contractor for the development and production of the interceptor is IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries). The program is led by IMDO and MDA. It includes advanced radar systems developed and manufactured by the Elta subsidiary of IAI, a BMC system developed by Elbit Systems, and a starter set with interceptors manufactured by MLM (also an IAI subsidiary).

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated: In addition to developing vital offensive capabilities, the Defense Institute is constantly working to defend the skies of Israel from ballistic threats by developing its multi-layered missile defense matrix. The development of the ?? Arrow-4 ?? Together with our American partners, this will result in a technological and operational leap that prepares us for the future battlefield and the ever-evolving threats in the Middle East and beyond. I congratulate the Israel Missile Defense Organization, which is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, and the United States Missile Defense Agency. The already IAI, thanks to which we can defend Israel’s home front.

For himself the vice admiral. John Hill, MDA Director: “Arrow-4 ?? is a collaborative program between the MDA and IMDO that illustrates the United States’ commitment to helping the Israeli government improve its national missile defense capabilities in defense of the United States. State of Emerging Threats IMDO boss Moshe Patel said: We are starting the development of the Arrow-4 system at a symbolic point in time, thirty years after the Gulf War, which led to the establishment of IMDO and the joint missile defense program with our US partners. In the past, three decades We are developing one of the world’s most advanced four-layer anti-missile arrays with proven capabilities. These capabilities are constantly being improved against emerging threats. The Arrow-4 will have unparalleled interception and flight capabilities to ensure the security of the State of Israel.

Jacob Galifat, General Manager of the IAI MLM Division stated, “The Arrow” weapon system, which was one of the first to intercept ballistic missiles in the world, will be upgraded with significant capabilities. The interceptor will be the most advanced of its kind in the world, adding a new layer of defense to the State of Israel. Arrow-2 has been operational since 2000 and provides endo-exoatmospheric defense. The Arrow-3 exo-atmospheric missile defense system was delivered for operational use in 2017. It serves as the top layer of Israel’s multilevel missile defense array. In recent years, both interceptors have been upgraded and demonstrated excellent capabilities when tested in Israel and Alaska (USA).

Photos: this will be arrow 4.

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