Infantry regiment of the Bergjäger America 66, formed by the high mountains

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Embedded in the restructuring of the mountain troops with the activation of the mountain troop command, we accompanied the Mountain American Hunter Infantry Regiment 66 into the winter season of Candanch.

The establishment of this unit based in Berrioplano (Pamplona) dates back to 1764 and there are many names that have been preserved throughout its history to this day: Amrican Infantry Regiment No. Mountain hunter 66.

The RCM Amrica 66 is a light infantry unit with a high level of physical and psychological preparation.

A versatile unit that specializes in all types of terrain and adverse weather conditions.

The equipment and materials with which the device is equipped allow it to operate not only in the mountains (as the name suggests), but also in any geographic environment.

Of course, technical training in the mountains is a cornerstone of these units, which perform both winter and summer exercises to reach the hunter, skier, and guide levels.

ABC lessons, city fighting, night fighting and a broad etc. complete the training and preparation of these infants.

Needless to say, they have the tough character of these men, undoubtedly shaped by the harsh conditions they struggle with day to day and the mountain is not for the faint of heart.

The physical stress these infants are subjected to is extreme, at the height of the challenge required by an environment as hostile as the mountains.

The Amrica 66 was one of the participants in the recent White Hell 2021 exercise, the purpose of which is to train the mountain tactical group in immediate action.

Community, sacrifice …… words that take on a completely different dimension in these units. If you are not ready to give your all, this is definitely not your place.

I would like to say goodbye to this gallery and thank Reg. Amrica 66 for the good disposition, as I am aware of the efforts of the unit to be able to offer you this photo report in view of the short timeframe with which everything had to be prepared. (Photos and text; Guillermo Pis PHOTO)

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