Indra invites 500 young engineers to discover the technologies that will revolutionize aviation and defense at

Cities where autonomous cars and air taxis are part of a more sustainable mobility ecosystem, where drones deliver a package and be the first to respond to an emergency. Guided airplanes from space and battle clouds formed by next generation airplanes and their accompanying drones. Space radars that can alert via space satellites or kamikazes to ensure our safety.

While it may seem like science fiction, it is about the future that Indra is building in the world’s pioneering projects that it is already working on, and that it wants to showcase 500 young engineers in a live virtual event. It will take place online on March 18 at 5:00 p.m. and interested parties can now register on the Internet at

The company would like to invite graduates or students in the latest telecommunications engineering, computer science, aerospace or other technical professions from all over Spain who want to help build a safer, more dynamic and sustainable world and live that digital experience. In it, you will enter the heart of Indra and be able to discover the technological solutions that are set to revolutionize the world of defense and transportation in the decades to come.

The selected engineers will also have the opportunity to become part of the company as Indra aims to attract and involve young STEM talent for whom it is committed to promoting cultural change and developing new solutions and services.

At the event, Indra experts and young professionals will share with the selected projects the projects they are developing to achieve smarter and more sustainable mobility that incorporates drones or autonomous cars, or about our safety with the largest and most progressive European to improve defense program known as FCAS, which is coordinated by Indra in Spain, or protection of our satellites in space.

Guests can also learn firsthand about the company’s Smart Start program for young talents and its talent camps from the experience of a young business professional. Smart Start is the specific training, development, assessment and career development program for the first two years of work. These include various initiatives, including the so-called talent camps, where young people are trained in technical and business knowledge, digital skills and abilities for six weeks so that they can reach their full potential as soon as they arrive at the company.

In addition, from the start, young people will be integrated into the teams along with the company’s experts who will act as mentors to encourage their talent growth and have the resources made available to them by the Corporate University of Indra.

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