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In March of last year, NATO placed a new order with Thales for the provision of an operating system for situation awareness. All of these thoughts are intended to give NATO commanders a common picture of an area of ​​interest or a mission. Designed to improve general knowledge of Joint Forces operations and to aid in the planning, coordination and command of the mission.

Indeed, current joint operations include land, air and naval units with many different types of command systems. that generate enormous amounts of operational and geo-referenced information. The Command and Control Center of NATO or NCOP collects, aggregates and correlates all of this information to create a unified and comprehensive picture of the operational area and to provide a common COP (Common Operational Picture) to ensure that every unit has a common Has vision. Location, actions and intentions of the armed forces in the operational area.

To meet this requirement, Thales has developed a software system based on an open architecture with special modules based on the company’s experience in various aspects of the chain of command. fully compliant with commercial and military standards. This system provides the community of users with secure access to multiple COP overlays and a geospatial reference. Tactical information from multiple systems and data sources thus improve situational awareness for joint forces. Likewise, each COP is displayed in real time and includes key elements such as: ongoing operations, friendly and enemy forces, their logistical and operational capabilities, weather conditions, and possible action plans for future coordinated efforts. In a similar way, the NCOP enables the synchronized management of all armed forces deployed. Providing effective support for joint planning and decision-making in the operations center. This, in turn, enables the command of the common forces to achieve a high level of information superiority.

With this second treaty, NATO relies on Thales to manage interoperability. The company will also innovate the technologies used in current systems. which have been in action in NATO command centers and in national command centers in France, Poland and Spain since 2015. In the same way, the new functions dedicated to time management, event correlation and future strategic analysis are also added. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: Representation of the NATO command and control center at the Thales NCOP. (Thales)

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