In Tandanor they are building bridges for the railway notes

At the junctions between the cities of Moreno and Ramos Meja in Buenos Aires, which will significantly improve the frequency of train routes and reduce road traffic, 13 bridges will be built to cross the Sarmiento railway line between the cities of Moreno and Ramos Meja.

The execution of this work is part of the contract between Trenes Argentinos Operations and Tandanor, a shipyard with outstanding potential in the metalworking sector, with first-class equipment and highly qualified professionals. It is an engineering, design, construction and assembly project with 4064 linear meters for A20 bridge systems in light traffic and 724 linear meters for A30 bridge systems in heavy traffic.

The development – which will take 15 months to complete – envisages the construction of bridges to close 13 level crossings in the province of Buenos Aires. This initiative will encourage the creation of more than 200 direct jobs and the possibility of reactivating SMEs responsible for rolling around 1,600 tons of A36 steel and galvanizing the entire metal structure of this mixed construction system. Due to the scope of the work, around 7,905 m3 of reinforced concrete with an iron consumption of around 1,120 tons will be produced. (Luis Pieiro)

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