In Argentina, the shooting attempts with the IA-63 Pampa III-Noticias are continued

The flight test center under the direction of the Centers of the General Directorate of Research and Development carried out the second stage of functional fire tests on the IA-63 PAMPA III aircraft and deployed its personnel and material for the VI Brigade Area in the city of Tandil in Buenos Aires.

The aim of the campaign was to evaluate and register the correct functionality and integration of the armament system from the Browning 7.62 machine gun in the CEA-1 Colibr Pod and the 30 mm DEFA 553 Ventral Cannon Pod with the above aircraft.

For this task, the 1st Air Brigade provided invaluable cooperation and support in the transfer of material and personnel in a C-130 Hercules aircraft and the VII Air Brigade with the BELL 412 system, which provided support with search and rescue tasks.

Likewise, the VI Area Brigade conducted escort and registration flights and provided accommodation and facilities to enable the campaign to develop. The BAM Mar de Plata allowed the helicopter crew to be accommodated and the Armaments Directorate-General managed the qualification and use of the ammunition.

The success of the mission ends again in teamwork, which also included technical staff from the FADEA Company in an integrated way to ensure the rigorous recording and processing of the results obtained. The task was carried out in accordance with all standards and measures established under the COVID-19 Prevention Protocol, in coordination with the operations centers in each region. According to this guideline, the personnel deployed in the respective units remained isolated, without contact with the local citizen.

The continuity of the above-mentioned campaign is a very important obligation and challenge for the Directorate for Evaluation and Homologation, since one of its annual priority objectives is precisely that the test and homologation process should soon contribute to the mentioned weapons system, possibly with all its capacities available in the operating units.

Photo: Avin IA-63 PAMPA III of the Argentine Air Force.

Source: Flight Test Center and VI Brigade Area.

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