Illustrated history of the Spanish military veterinary

2020 marks the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Military Veterinary Corps. In 1845, Queen Elizabeth II signed General Narvez’s founding certificate for the establishment of the Military Veterinary Corps. A patented corps with the right to wear its own uniform was a long endeavor of the great marshals and second marshals of the Bourbon Army.

In ten perfectly documented chapters, the entire historical process of the activities of the predecessors of military veterinarians to this day is collected. A critical examination of the various regulations in force is made and the entire military organization that has participated in the various military operations is described.

The description of current military veterinary medicine and its incorporation into the armed forces as a basic specialty of the military health corps is also addressed. One of the chapters also contains the story of the non-commissioned officers of the veterinary auxiliary specialists who, although they formed a separate corps, were always associated with the military veterinarian.

The book shows the most important facts about Spanish military veterinary medicine.


Publisher: Ministry of Defense

Author: Luis ngel Moreno Fernndez-Caparrs, Heliodoro Alonso Fermoso

Number of pages: 1,140

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