Ibero SMV20, the Spanish TSD’s armored multi-purpose off-road vehicle that can reach 14 tons and would already have a launcher client

The new Ibero SMV20 tactical multi-purpose vehicle concept, developed by Tecnove Security Developments (TSD), was unveiled today at the company’s Herencia site. The SMV20 for security multi-purpose vehicles is the result of the collaboration between TSD and other Spanish companies such as Escribano Mechanical & Engineering, Hispamast, RFE or DTA Innovation and has over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of vehicles for security applications. and defense.

This cooperation project shows the cooperation possibilities of the national industry for the configuration of a tactical multi-purpose vehicle with high habitability and ergonomics, which has a modular structure and can be adapted to security and defense applications such as border protection and is characterized by its high level of protection for personnel.

The Ibero is a large off-road vehicle that is based on the proven Mercedes Unimog platform and guarantees a high degree of mobility and robustness. With 340 hp, it was evaluated in the facilities of the Maraosa Campus of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA). It is a vehicle designed according to a modular concept that allows it to be adapted to the specific needs of its customers. The version presented today weighs 9.5 tons, but there are larger versions, like the Ibero Pro, which reaches 14 tons and already has a launcher client.

The vehicle unveiled today accommodates six crew members, including a special position in the crew seat for the operator of the Guardian Remote Remote Employment Station. Behind it, in the main compartment, there are the vehicle boss and the communication operator stations that are equipped with special terminals for communication devices and the OTEOS sensor, which is mounted on the deployable Hispamast mast.

The vehicle has a large interior volume that allows a different configuration, a side-opening rear door, pockets for the use of weapons in the doors and under the windows, external cameras that replace the rear-view mirrors and a 360 degree situational awareness. The ability for the customer to run different versions of the Ibero adds to the cost of living costs, thereby reducing the logistical footprint.

Ballistic and mine protection is level 1 according to STANAG regulations, but can be increased depending on the needs of the user. It can be configured for missions ranging from border guards, internal security missions, police duties to peacekeeping or peacekeeping missions where the distinction between military and police vehicles is often blurred.

The Ibero offers the option of integrating remote-controlled weapon systems such as Guardian 2.0 or electro-optical sensors for monitoring tasks such as OTEOS. Both solutions are provided by Escribano Mechanical & Engineering, TSD partner in the program, and are part of the SCOA or Advanced Observation and Combat System. This system is designed for day and night reconnaissance missions with short and medium-term defense capabilities. All systems are controlled by a Batlle Management System (BMS) developed by the company, which facilitates decision-making for a target recorded by the observation equipment and facilitates the receipt of information from external systems. (Jos M Navarro Garca)


The Ibero SMV20 (TSD)

TSD’s new Ibero multi-purpose vehicle (Author)

The Ibero SMV20 with the RWS Guardian 2.0 (Author)

The impressive Ibero SVM20 (Author)

The spacious interior of the Ibero (Author)

In the driving position, as can be seen, there are screens that replace the mirrors (Author)

Protected cameras outside the vehicle (Author)

TSD employee in front of Ibero (Author)

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