Iberia is now using remote-controlled pushback carts

Photo – Iberia

Spanish-flagged airline Iberia Líneas Aéreas, part of the IAG group, invests in new technologies that can save you thousands and dollars. One of them are the new remote-controlled pushback cars from Mototok. According to a press release, Iberia Airport Services is integrating vehicles called “Green Pushback” at Madrid and Barcelona airports

It is an innovative electric tractor that has gained space in the market by providing remote control, reducing emissions and eliminating ground crew costs.

Iberia Airport Services will have eight units of this equipment by the end of October. The company says that every vehicle is not only very quiet, but also reduces CO2 emissions by 23,000 kilos per year, increases operational safety, improves punctuality and provides better service to customers.

In the video below you can see the device in operation (wait for it to charge).

No noise, no emissions, safe … These are the new remote-controlled pushbacks that Iberia Airport Services ( and Iberia Maintenance have integrated in Madrid and Barcelona.
Iberia Airport Services and Iberia Maintenance for a more sustainable activity.

– Iberia_en (@Iberia_en) October 15, 2020

These Mototok Spacer 8600 vehicles allow the towing of A320 Family aircraft, widely used by Iberia and low-cost Vueling of the same group. In addition, it has great autonomy. With its 80 V, up to 28 aircraft can be towed without charging.

The implementation of the trolleys is part of the company’s strategy to increasingly switch to innovative technologies, reduce costs and at the same time become more sustainable. In recent years, the airline has converted almost half of its vehicle fleet to electric vehicles and implemented numerous sustainability initiatives.

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