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The air defense system of the Norwegian company Kongsberg, which integrates the deadly missiles of the North American Raytheon Missiles & Defense AIM-120 as ammunition, is purchased by the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. Both partners officially announce that they will sign a contract worth 410 million euros to supply their defense forces (Magyar Honvdsg) to NASAMS (National / Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System). With this treaty, it will be the sixth nation in NATO and the twelfth country in the world to acquire it, a highly adaptable medium-range solution for a wide range of air defense needs.

The alliance nations already using the Kongsberg / Raytheon system include the Spanish Army, while in America it is used by the United States and the Chilean Air Force. The choice of the system and being part of NASAMS ‘large family of users allow Hungary to take advantage of the active production line, which guarantees fast delivery and competitive prices for the Magyar Honvdsg, whose specialists will also attend the meetings. to the working groups of the NATO system operators.

This system continues the removal of Soviet engineering and manufacturing materials from the time it was part of the extinct Warsaw Pact. From this point on, it still has the 2K12 Kub anti-aircraft missiles. The new air defense solution consists of the Raytheon & Defense AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile) and the new version AMRAAM-ER (Extended Range) with extended range North American three-dimensional air defense AN / MPQ-64 Sentinel , the fire distribution system C4I or FDC (Fire Distribution Center) developed by Kongsberg and the launch baskets with several missiles.

One of the keys to NASAMS is the use of the well-known and widely used AMRAAM, which is used in 39 different countries. The Sentinel is an air defense radar that is used by more than 18 countries and was developed for conventional aircraft and remote-controlled systems such as C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems). The armed UAS were the main actors in the recently ended conflict in Upper Karabakh, in which these types of systems operated by the armed forces of Azerbaijan and its Turkish allies crushed the material and even the troops of their Armenian opponents (Julio Maz Sanz). .

Photo: Spanish Army’s NASAMS system rocket launcher. (Photo Julio Maz / )

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