How to multiply by ten secure communication in combat vehicles, submarines, ships and aircraft on the move

Military satellite communications are more critical than ever and also vulnerable to attack. They are at the center of the struggle for strategic independence in all areas of military invention. Maintaining connectivity is key to the armed forces’ ability to exchange information of all kinds between command centers and units deployed on any type of mission.

In this context, Thales was selected by the French defense procurement agency DGA to lead the second phase of the Syracuse IV satellite communications system for the French armed forces. This phase will enhance the interoperable communication skills of the French Army, Navy and Air Force in terms of data speed, availability, threat resilience and end-to-end connectivity.

This crucial milestone in the program will improve the performance of the land segment and in all operational areas of the three branches of the French army. Thales’ solution will be critical to meeting capacity requirements in air, sea and land programs. The goal is to multiply the secure communication capacity of moving combat vehicles, surface ships, submarines and now aircraft by ten. The company’s technology ensures roaming communication in both the X and Ka bands and makes full use of the multi-point potential of HTS (High Throughput Satellite) technology. For this purpose, all terrestrial terminals in the system can make optimal use of the Syracuse IV constellation. The full connection via new docking terminals will enable a significant increase in data speed by ensuring joint cooperation between the operating theaters and the command centers. Depending on the deployment area, they are also compatible with third-party satellite resources without compromising the security of communications.

To achieve this goal, Thales will leverage its high-level systems integration experience, and particularly its highly secure Modem 21 transmission system, to ensure the availability and confidentiality of all communications, and to provide protection from the full range of non-impact threats and operations. Performance, which is the key to maintaining information superiority in high-intensity combat. The company’s standard NATO Modem 21 solution has been battle tested for over ten years.

Thales’ role with Alenia Space in this contract includes the management of missions for the Syracuse constellation and management of the mooring capabilities of the operator, the information systems agency and joint infrastructure networks of the French Ministry of Defense (DIRISI). Both companies also received the order announced by the DGA at the end of 2015 to supply the space segment formed by the Siracusa 4A and 4B satellites, as well as the ground control and mission segment. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: Thales was chosen to enhance the satellite communication skills of the French armed forces. (Thales)

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