Hi Fly announces the withdrawal of its Airbus A380

Photo – Hi-Fly / Disclosure

Hi Fly survived an Airbus A380 in 2018 that was due to be completely retired. The 9H-MIP registration aircraft was one of the first A380s to be delivered by Airbus to an airline, in this case Singapore Airlines.

The aircraft remained in Hi Fly’s fleet to this day, operating wet lease flights that were used extensively by other companies prior to the current crisis. Hi Fly even considered adding another A380 due to demand.

This is what economy class looks like on the Hi Fly A380. Photo: Hello fly.

However, the airline announced last Tuesday (March 11th) that it would remove the only Airbus A380 from its fleet after a drastic drop in demand for international flights.

“The decision not to extend the originally agreed rental period was made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically reduced the demand for very large aircraft,” Hi Fly said in a statement.

Hi Fly offered the Airbus A380 as part of a wet lease, which includes technical and cabin personnel, mechanics and insurance for the aircraft and passengers.

The Airbus A380 will be replaced directly by the A330neo ordered by Hi Fly and will already be included in its fleet.

In the past few days, Hi Fly’s Airbus A380 has even operated cargo flights. Inside, the A380 can transport up to 60 tons without seats in the basement, while the giant made by Airbus can transport a further 30 tons in the lower cargo holds.


The beautiful painting of this Airbus A380 is a collaboration between Hi-Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation in the “Save the Coral Reefs” campaign to make people aware of the importance of protecting corals in every corner of the planet.

The painting consists of two shades of blue. The lighter side highlights a healthy ocean with no chemical agents and trash that destroy the corals, while the dark side refers to the corals destroyed by marine pollution.

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