Hear what the head of air traffic controllers in Brazil said today

The Director General of the Air Control Division (DECEA), Lt. Col. Ar Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues, sent a special message to all air traffic controllers of the Brazilian Air Control System (SISCEAB) on Profession Day, celebrated today, October 20.

SISCEAB is a set of facilities and facilities that support air navigation, surveillance radars, control towers, telecommunications stations and human resources, among others. The set aims to ensure regularity, safety and efficiency of the flow of traffic at airports and in the airspace.

In the message, Lieutenant-Brigadeiro names all air traffic controllers in the country the protagonists of Brazilian aviation, who act professionally every day of the year to ensure the sovereignty of the Brazilian airspace. The date was also highlighted on the Armed Forces Agenda, which proposes a reflection on the importance of this professional to the safety of Brazilian aviation.

According to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), there are currently 4,500 air traffic controllers operating across Brazil, divided into centers spread across the country. Of these, 3,500 are military personnel and only 157 are civilians. Check out the video with the general manager’s message.

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