GTA’s ATR 72/500 FFS simulator receives UPRT certification from AESA

Global Training Aviation, GTA, announced that its ATR 72/500 (Level D FFS) flight simulator has been updated to CS- UPRT certification from AESA (Scenarios for Altitude Loss, Total Loss and Ice Formation). FSTD (A) issue 2.

Located in the center’s Madrid headquarters, the simulator is the fourth with UPRT certification to join the A320 FFS (Spain and Colombia) and the B737 FFS (Spain).

The Aviation Training Center has updated the training programs to include full UPRT requirements. UPRT stands for “Upset Prevention and Recovery Training” and is a combination of theoretical knowledge and flight training in order to provide the flight crew with the skills they need to prevent and recover from situations in which an aircraft is involuntarily affected Exceeds limit values. Line, operating or training parameters (aircraft errors).

The simulator is D certified, the highest possible. This means that one hour on board corresponds to one hour of training. The system reproduces the behavior of the aircraft with total realism. This allows pilots to train in situations that cannot be recovered in the air, e.g. B. in the event of engine failure or an emergency landing. To be able to practice landings at any airport in the world under all atmospheric conditions.

The center has facilities on 3 continents (Spain, Indonesia and Colombia) equipped with 6 latest generation flight simulators, all with D certification, an A320 FNTP II MCC simulator and an A320 / B737 VPT simulator (Eca Faros Flight & Maintenance Training) equipment) and an A320 CEET emergency and evacuation simulator for the training of cabin crew.

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