Grupo Oesía and Autek Ingeniería will work together to provide secure communication for military platforms on board

The Spanish technology company Tecnobit ?? Grupo Oesía and Autek Ingeniería have signed a collaborative alliance to expand their knowledge, skills and experience to jointly develop cross-domain solutions on in-flight platforms connected to military and aerospace environments.

Currently Spain lacks military equipment with special environmental conditions with cross-domain solutions that allow the safe exchange of information with the level of security? NATO Secret? in NATO missions or the equivalent of “Reserved” in national missions. Both companies will work together on the design, development and production of cross-domain military solutions that facilitate the exchange of tactical information with the level of security that current missions require, primarily to target the domestic market, but also to target the international market.

As a product of this alliance, reliable, easy to implement and manage solutions for the exchange of information between security domains for military environments are developed. Both companies are already actively working on this solution for aviation environments.

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