GRUEMA’s UAS Military School is testing the capabilities of SCR’s UAS Atlantic

The unmanned medium-range and high-performance flight system of the UAS, Atlantic, designed and manufactured by SCR in Spain, carried out a flight campaign at the UAS military school of the GRUEMA (Grupo de Escuelas de Matacn) as part of the project Rapaz from the General Directorate of Armaments and Materials ( DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense.

The campaign was carried out last February in the province of Salamanca, where the GRUEMA headquarters are located. At the same time, the system’s provision, operational and retreat functions were put to the test. the reliability of the platform; the robustness of communication; and the systems for acquiring and monitoring targets. During the operations, missions were carried out at a distance of more than 45 kilometers.

This campaign marks a new milestone for SCR under the Rapaz program. With this in mind, the company has played a very active role in this DGAM program since 2016, which aims to develop SCR products and improve the capabilities of its UAS with the support of the Spanish Armed Forces is of great use. As part of this program, for example, the UAS Atlantic achieved an action radius of 126 kilometers with data connection and video in real time during the exercises with the Army’s Artillery Information and Location Group (GAIL) II. / 63.

Jos Antonio Ceballos, Director General of SCR, also recalled that GRUEMA has had UAS Tucn since the end of 2017, a system that was also tested by this unit as part of the Rapaz project. We are working to bring the most advanced developments in both UAS and target drones to our armed forces. We have been working with the Spanish Army in this area for more than 25 years.

UAS Atlantic

The Atlantic is an unmanned medium-range high-performance flight system specially developed for ISTAR missions: reconnaissance, target acquisition, surveillance and reconnaissance. It is a Class I UAS made entirely of composite materials and designed for quick response. The UAS Atlantic is currently already in service with the Spanish armed forces within the Artillery Information and Location Group (GAIL) II / 63 of the Spanish Army.

Photo: SCR’s UAS Atlantic Unmanned Aerial System was tested at GRUEMA

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