GOL wins the Top Of Mind Award in the Datafolha survey

Photo: Gabriel Melo

GOL Linhas Aéreas is champion in Folha Top of Mind 2020, an annual poll by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, which has reached its 30th edition and was announced this Thursday (October 29th). The largest domestic airline in the country is the brand most remembered by Brazilians in the Tourism – Airline category.

With 33% of mentions, four points more than in the 2019 survey and the highest historical percentage, GOL has received the award for the third year in a row. For men and in the age group between 25 and 34 years of age, the company was above average: 37% and 42% respectively.

To reach the winning brands, Datafolha interviewed 7,584 Brazilians over 16 years of age. Based on the question, “What’s the first brand that comes to mind?” The research institute maps the results into different categories of services and products based on spontaneous reactions from the public.

The 2020 edition of Folha Top of Mind examined 71 main categories as broad as they are important, such as tourism, communication, food, hygiene and beauty, electrics and shopping. There are also 7 other special mentions including Trust and Innovation, Achievement, Environment and Men and Women, not to mention the Top do Top grand prize: everyone’s favorite brand, no distinction between categories.

GOL is nearing the end of its 20-year history and will be based on four pillars during the pandemic in January 2021: health and safety, empathy, innovation and resumption. This year, the crisis caused by the coronavirus brought a myriad of industries with it, with an emphasis on air. The company had to take quick action to conserve resources and, above all, to improve the health and safety of the population. Customers, employees and partners, number 1 of the company.

Innovation is a difference in its evolution in Brazilian commercial aviation. Solutions implemented by GOL over the past few years have been of immense value during the toughest months of the pandemic. Two years ago, his recognized pioneering spirit was able to present customers with check-in using facial biometrics – or selfie check-in – which makes it possible to avoid human contact during airport processes and consequently reduce the risk of contamination by Covid -19.

Another novelty in the middle of this year: Check-in via WhatsApp, which combines practicality and autonomy. And in September, the translation in libras was displayed on board for people with communication difficulties, which can be compounded by the mandatory use of masks introduced by the company since 10/5.

After the GAL, its self-service robot, was presented to the world in 2019, this month it was time to deploy the telepresence robot in POC (Proof of Concept) at Guarulhos International Airport. The new device is controlled remotely by GOL employees and allows customers to answer questions and check in with just their voice, without touching the screen and without having to go to the counter or airport agent – but always with the help of an online professional. Another safety factor in times that require special care and vigilance.

The company holds 40% of the national market and aims to be “first for all”. Since its inception, it has carried the DNA of diversity, which is reflected both in the public who operate its aircraft and operate them with plurality, as well as in the internal public: employees of all races, ages (including 50+) and genders, an open and integrative attitude Who believes in difference as a trigger for the new and for creativity.

Simple, humane and intelligent, GOL recognized the urgency of the word solidarity at the beginning of the pandemic: to seek empathy for its customers, partners, suppliers and for society in search of the common good. It was the first national company to offer free airline tickets to health professionals who need to travel across the country to care for Covid-19 patients. In August, the company, in collaboration with the Spray Content agency, launched the Aproximando Distências initiative, a non-profit portal for the sale of arts, crafts and regional cuisine with delivery throughout Brazil, whose aim is to collaborate with the Brazilian tourism ecosystem affected by the coronavirus is affected.

“We live in times when information has definitely become the most valuable asset, and this means that security and the customer are one step ahead. GOL continues to learn from the pandemic and is counting on our creativity and responsibility to be able to overcome it and stay on the right path. At this moment of the conscious resumption of tourism in the country, our task is to create trust and clarify how safe it is to fly, ”says Loraine Ricino, Director of Marketing, External Communication, Digital Channels and Sustainability at GOL.

The results of the survey conducted by Datafolha were announced during an online ceremony (previously recorded and individually by the brands to avoid crowds). In this 30th edition of the award, the institute carried out the analysis by telephone, including all Brazilian regions.

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