GOL resumes operations at the westernmost airport in Brazil

The city and the most western airport in Brazil had commercial flights again with the realignment of GOL Linhas Aéreas.

The state of Acre is one of the highlights of the network of GOL Linhas Aéreas, the largest domestic airline in Brazil, with 36 million customers per year and almost two decades of history.

With the reopening of the GOL base in Cruzeiro do Sul (CZS) on October 19, the number of seats in the state has increased by 27% compared to September. Customers in the region begin to communicate with the state capital Rio Branco (RBR) and with Brasília (BSB), a route that implies a stopover in Rio Branco.

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Cruzeiro do Sul is of great relevance to the company and its customers and now offers 4 weekly flights to Rio Branco and 4 to Brasília, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This frequency becomes daily in November. This resumption provides transportation for those who need to travel throughout the national territory (total of 40 destinations will be reached), as well as freight delivery.

The return of operations in Cruzeiro do Sul also favors the moment of conscious and responsible resumption of tourism in the country. GOL is aware of market demands and acts according to the strictest health and safety procedures recommended by the relevant authorities. The aim is to ensure peace and well-being on land and on board for all customers who choose to fly.

The city of Cruzeiro do Sul is the municipality with more than 50,000 inhabitants in eastern Brazil. The only other municipality further west is the neighboring Mâncio Lima with only 18,000 inhabitants and 30 km from Cruzeiro. The city’s international airport is halfway between the two communities and serves both locations.

Discount and flight schedule

To celebrate the return of operations in Cruzeiro do Sul, the company is offering all customers discount codes * to purchase tickets between 9/10 and 11/10, as described below:

CZS20 code valid for 20% discounts on airfares between Cruzeiro do Sul and Rio Branco and between Rio Branco and Cruzeiro do Sul;
CZS15 – code valid for 15% discount on airfares on the Cruzeiro do Sul-Brasília, Cruzeiro do Sul-Goiânia, Cruzeiro do Sul-Palmas, Brasília-Cruzeiro do Sul, Goiânia-Cruzeiro do Sul and Palmas-Cruzeiro do Sul routes;
CZS10 code valid for 10% discount on air fares between Cruzeiro do Sul and all other domestic destinations and its section to Cruzeiro do Sul;

See flight schedules and frequencies below. Remember that from November 2nd, 2020 there will be daily flights!

Origin (departure) – destination (arrival) – frequency
Rio Branco (11h05 *) – Cruzeiro do Sul (12h15 *) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Cruzeiro do Sul (12h55 *) – Rio Branco (14h05 *) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
* Local time / ** Subject to change.

Origin – destination – frequency
Brasília (9:00 a.m.) – Cruzeiro do Sul (12:15 p.m. *) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Cruzeiro do Sul (12h55 *) – Brasília (19h55) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
* Local time / ** Subject to change.

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