GOL receives the IEnvA environmental management certificate

GOL Linhas Aéreas, the largest domestic company in the country, with 36 million customers transported every year, received the IEnvA certificate – IATA Environmental Assessment – or IATA Environmental Assessment. Evidence issued by the International Air Transport Association places GOL in a shortlist of 13 global airlines that have this certification and are the only Brazilian company on the list. In phase 1, GOL thus certifies that it has developed a solid environmental policy and has defined its environmental responsibility, including its management.

In contrast to the IOSA certification (IATA Operational Safety Audit), which GOL has had since 2008 and is mandatory, IEnvA emerged from an optional affiliation. The company registered for this system of environmental responsibility in 2019, precisely because sustainability is one of its pillars and the purpose of “For everyone comes first”.

Airlines are known to be large energy consumers in the form of liquid fuel, a demand inherent in the operation of the sector. And although they do not have airports in which they operate with landings and take-offs, they have a shared responsibility with the human, animal and vegetable life of the environments in which the airports operate and the airspace.

In phase 1 of the IEnvA, GOL identifies its environmental problems and assumes compliance obligations towards them. This obligation fully involves the management of GOL, which is responsible for securing resources and the implementation of environmental management in the company in a transversal manner and reaches all areas without exception. Relevant points include comprehensive attention to climate change, based here on the search for conscious fuel consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the treatment of waste in order to contain the effects on the climate in the air we breathe in fauna and flora .

“The IEnvA certification is a recognition of the efforts to develop a solid environmental management plan in the company, which we have been working on since 2016. IEnvA proves that we have achieved a real degree of implementation of these guidelines, which increases our commitment to environmental issues, ”says Pedro Scorza, commander and advisor for environmental projects at GOL.

From now on and within a period of 24 months, GOL aims to achieve level 2 of the IEnvA, which ensures the completeness of the company’s environmental management system – something that will be used from the end of 2021. Obtaining certification Level 2 means achieving the highest level of compliance and demonstrating continuous improvement in environmental performance, defining the criteria for significance and environmental risk and implementing training programs as well as internal and external communication and reacting to environmental emergencies. This proof corresponds to ISO 14001: 2015.

At GOL, the search for IEnvA Stage 2 will take place in parallel with a different goal: to prove that strict controls have been introduced and implemented against the transport of illegal wildlife products, which has always been a concern of the company. In other words, there is no tolerance for wildlife traffic. This certification, which is optional, is known as IWT (Illegal Wildlife Trade).

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