GOL promotes special promotions as part of the Oktoberrose

October has been women’s awareness month for breast and cervical cancer prevention for 18 years. GOL Linhas Aéreas, which has set itself the goal of “being the first for all”, uses this important time to inform its customers, according to the institute, about the disease, of which every three years (2020-2022) around 66,200 people are affected by the National Cancer Institute (INCA).

During the month, the company, in collaboration with Dasa – a Brazilian leader in diagnostic medicine, created laboratories such as Delboni Auriemo (SP), Exame (DF), Sérgio Franco and Alta Diagnósticos (RJ) – creators of the “Se Give a Tempo #porvoceepravoce “offers patients over 40 years of age discounts on preventive examinations for these diseases in all laboratories in the chain. Discounts for mammography exams, ultrasound examinations, basic laboratory examinations and for the HPV vaccine are granted. As part of this campaign, the company will donate a mammogram every 3 km as part of its “Virtual Run”. Audit donations are made to the NGOs Americas Amigas and this goal is achieved. To take part in the race, simply register free of charge by October 25th at

As a warning for the date, GOL is lighting some aircraft internally with pink this month and travel tickets will be printed with the notice of the initiative.

Smiles, GOL’s loyalty program, also participates in the promotions planned for the Oktoberrose. Starting October 15, customers will have another opportunity to donate their miles as part of the Milhas do Bem program. In collaboration with the NGO Meninas do Peito, every mile donated to the Marque esse Gol project is donated to mammography examinations that are offered to vulnerable women and can be carried out in one of Dasa’s laboratories. Since 2016, this project has helped perform more than 5,000 mammograms. The Milhas do Bem program had a record of donations totaling more than 65 million miles donated by customers between March and July 2020, the most critical phase of the pandemic.

Pink October is a campaign whose main aim is to raise awareness among women and society about the importance of early diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer. In Brazil, according to INCA, the risk is estimated at 61.61 new cases of breast disease per 100,000 women. The organization also notes that estimates of new cases of cervical cancer over the three year period (2020-2022) will reach around 16,600 cases each year.

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