GOL is reshuffling international flights for December

GOL has postponed its return to international flights for December due to uncertainties about reopening borders and quarantine rules in Argentina and Uruguay to get scheduled flights. The restart was previously planned for October 19th.

The updated flight schedule for GOL was announced by Routes Online and is already included in the airline’s reservation system. According to the new flight schedule, the first two destinations from December 19 will continue to be Buenos Aires and Montevideo with four and three weekly flights respectively.

This is the third time the company has postponed its return plans and there is great uncertainty as to when the return will “actually” take place as the date of the reopening of the borders in Argentina remains with no firm forecast. In recent months, the local government has decided to postpone the reopening of the country, which closed seven months ago, several times.

In the meantime, Uruguay has allowed sporadic flights with repatriation destinations or for specific purposes with a number of entry requirements that ultimately lead to tourists distancing themselves.

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