GOL introduces new flights from Campinas to Rio de Janeiro

Travelers from Campinas and the region have a new route with GOL Linhas Aéreas. This is because the company says it will connect Viracopos Airport to Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro. This means that cities such as Americana, Indaiatuba, Itu, Jundiaí, Piracicaba, Rio Claro, Salto, Sorocaba, Valinhos and Vinhedo, among others in the largest metropolitan region in the interior of São Paulo, have more mobility to reach the capital Rio de Janeiro.

From the airport in Rio, passengers also have the option of making other connections, for example flights to Confins / Belo Horizonte-MG, Curitiba-PR, Goiânia-GO and Vitória-ES during the week.

There are up to 5 daily flights between the cities of Campinas and Rio de Janeiro, cementing GOL as the leading provider of destinations and routes from Rio de Janeiro. The company’s nationwide network is always consciously prepared, takes market requirements into account and is based on strict security standards.

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