GMV selected by the European Space Agency as one of the three prime contractors for the Galileo Second Generation-Noticias ground segment

GMV plays a key role in the second generation ground segment of Galileo (G2G), Europe’s global civil satellite navigation and positioning system. The first generation of Galileo (G1G) has been in operation since December 2016. It consists of space infrastructures (today 26 satellites) and terrestrial infrastructures. With more than 400 million users around the world, it provides positioning, navigation and synchronization services with an accuracy of 8 inches worldwide.

The main goals of the second generation of the Galileo or G2G for short are to introduce new services, improve the existing ones, increase the robustness of the systems, increase security and reduce both operating costs and maintenance of the system. All of this with the aim of consolidating Galileo’s position as one of the most important GNSS systems of the future.

The G2G is divided into several phases. In the first, under the direction of ESA, the mission requirements were defined at the system level. A preparation phase followed and the implementation phases were carried out later. The preparation phase was again divided into several parts, which were carried out in parallel by different consortia and included space activities on the one hand and ground activities on the other. GMV is not only the main contractor for several projects to define the mission requirements, but also leads one of the consortia in the preparatory phase and since 2018 that works in the entire ground segment of the G2G.

In the preparatory phase, shortly before the start of the COVID delivery, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully completed phase B1. After completing this phase, ESA published an offer for the new phase B2, which marks the start of the G2G implementation phase.

Although the publication of the tender for this phase was delayed until mid-June, the company has not discontinued its activities within the framework of the G2G. In the last few months GMV has strengthened the project team with new employees and new partners, worked on new ideas and started some activities within the project. Team members have taken various courses to develop their skills, and some of them have been certified as SAFe 5 Agilists. Likewise, during these months GMV has been preparing to adapt to the new reality that the pandemic has brought with it in terms of new forms of work: teleworking, virtual meetings or the use of new tools.

All this work and effort has paid off and recently ESA again selected GMV as one of the three prime contractors for Phase B2 of the G2G ground segment. It is perfectly prepared to successfully tackle this new phase and with this new success in the field of satellite navigation and specifically in the context of the Galileo program, the company is positioned as one of the key companies for the development and implementation phase. of the bottom segment of G2G.

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