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The technological multinational GMV, with a presence in the EU and companies in seven Member States, is the sixth industrial group to create jobs in the space sector in Europe. The company has announced the creation of a permanent office in Brussels in order to strengthen the dialogue with the EU and to promote continuous and constructive communication with the various institutions and interest groups, thus contributing to the configuration and implementation of the EU agenda, which will address the important challenges and opportunities of the company’s main areas of activity: space, defense, information and communication technologies and transport.

The company’s Brussels office will work closely with the EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and the EU agencies. The new office will also act as a liaison to the national Permanent Representations to the EU and to the Permanent Representatives Committee to include the opinions of business and industry representatives in the decision-making process. At the local level, work with partners and industry associations as well as with public administrations to help grow the sectors in which the company operates.

The company contributes to EU flagship programs such as Galileo, Copernicus, SST, Govsatcom and Horizon Europe and takes on functions for the implementation of security and defense agendas, particularly with regard to the European Defense Fund. The company will be present on site from its Brussels office to strengthen communication and coordination within the framework of the current EU programs as well as new initiatives such as Secure Connectivity Constellation, Quantum Encrypted Communications and Space Traffic Management.

According to Jorge Potti, Director General of Space: This opening reflects the importance of the role of GMV and its ambition to be a key element in the development of the space sector in Europe and to strengthen its presence in other countries.

The office in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels will also be a place where ideas on industrial policy and EU programs can meet and exchange.

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