Germany could join the Spanish Air Force program to equip itself with C295 for the maritime patrol news

The Spanish Air Force’s program to acquire four maritime patrol aircraft and MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) using the Airbus Defense Space C295 platform could be supported by the German Navy. The possibility was pointed out by the head of the institution, Air Force General Javier Salto Martnez-Avial, Chief of Staff of the Air Force (JEMA), during his conference “The Air Force, an aerospace force for the 21st century”, which took place on September 9th. February at the facilities of the General Gutirrez Mellado University Institute.

During his presentation, he emphasized the need to equip new MPA aircraft as one of the Air Force’s priorities. The current state of Air Force equipment in this area, eight Airbus DS CN235 veterans who have been converted to Maritime Surveillance (VIGMA) or D.4 according to their military designation, and three Lockheed Martin P-3M Orions about to be released, doing more is needed to strengthen that capacity. This material is vital to the maintenance of the military defense capacity of both the Air Force and the Navy, especially the State Over the Sea Action, one of the missions that the Spanish Government has entrusted to the institution.

Negotiations between the Spanish executive and the multinational Airbus will allow these four C295-MPAs destined for the Air Force to be given the green light. When asked by regarding the maintenance of the anti-submarine or anti-submarine defense (ASW) capability currently offered by the P-3M, General Salto explained the progress made in completing the MPAs acquisition: We are In my conversations with other JEMAs we know that the German Navy is also interested in these capabilities and aircraft. I think it will be a very interesting program for the national industry and I think it is on the right track

The Air Force has been working for years with German naval aviation or naval aviation as part of Operation Atalanta, which takes place in the Indian Ocean against Somali pirates. In this European Union mission, both are contributing the greatest weight to the MPA capabilities by deploying Lockheed P-3-equipped detachments whose neighboring facilities are based at the Djibouti Air Force Base.

The naval aviator has a problem similar to the Air Force: its P-3Cs, former aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Navy, although they have been modernized to the CUP (Capability Upkeep Program) + version, are at the end of their service life. Although Germany and France are working on the project to equip a state-of-the-art MPA, the deadlines set for today will prompt both Berlin and Paris to look for interim solutions, as the Air Force has already announced. French (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: One of MPA’s C295s, in this case one commissioned by Omn. (Photo Julio Maz / )

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