General José Pereira new Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense of Brazil-Noticias

Retired Brigadier General Srgio Jos Pereira took over the position of Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense. He complements this portfolio as a replacement for the Admiral of the Squad Almir Garnier, who was recently appointed Commander in Chief of the Navy. Defense Minister Walter Braga Netto chaired the ceremony together with Vice Minister for Science and Technology Leonidas de Araujo Medeiros Junior, Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA), Lieutenant Brigadier Raul Botelho and the Head of State Air Force Major Lieutenant Brigadier of the Air Force Marcelo Kanitz, representative of the Air Force Commander.

General Pereira’s last position was that of Executive Secretary of the Civil House. In the Eastern Military Command, he was the head of the institutional relations adviser. In 2018 and 2019, he joined the Federal Office for Intervention in Public Safety of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where he served as Director of Institutional Relations and Secretary for Intervention.

Before that, Pereira was still active and director of the Army Command and General Staff School (Rio de Janeiro). The General Secretariat, an increasingly important position within the Ministry, defines guidelines, oversees, coordinates and controls the other secretariats that are part of the structure of the Ministry of Defense and the Center for the Administration and Operation of the Amazonian Brief Defense System (Censipam). among other activities. (Javier Bonilla)

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