General Dynamics is reviving the Striker anti-tank concept with Ajax Overwatch

General Dynamics Land Systems UK has unveiled an armored vehicle of the Ajax family developed for the British Army and equipped with an MBDA Brimstone multiple launch system called Overwatch (supervision).

Presented as a new variant of the Ajax tank family, which in turn was derived from the development of the Hispano-Austrian ASCOD concept (materialized in the Pizarro infantry and cavalry combat vehicle of the Spanish army or the Austrian Ulan). The Ares passenger transport variant, developed jointly with MBDA, has two elevator modules for four Brimstone missiles each on the roof of the troop compartment.

The vehicle is designed for future heavy brigades and reconnaissance and deep attack units of the British Army. This combination can be used both for a precision attack on long-range targets and to protect your own strength, even if it is dispersed. It’s a proposal that the recently unveiled 8×8 boxer variant will compete, which could use Helffire missiles or Brimstone itself but uses a built-in vertical launcher.

The Ajax Overwatch has a lightweight Kongsberg Protector remote control turret and the two missile modules, but they are not built into the interior of the barge which would ensure its protection, like the Veteran Striker who was tracked with a Swingfire missile launcher of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance or Reconnaissance CVR (T) family that replaces the Ajax family. The CVR (T) family had the FV102 Striker, an anti-tank vehicle equipped with a retractable launch vehicle for five swingfire missiles for immediate use, plus another five inside. The Swingfire missile was replaced by the Speer in 2005, and by then the British Army had 48 of these vehicles, which were gradually being decommissioned.

General Dynamics and MBDA present Ajax Overwatch as a combination of low tech risk and low cost with high nationalization that will join the Ajax family, which currently has the Ares people carrier, the Ajax infantry combat vehicle that comes with a turret 40mm cannon, the Atlas, and Apollo support vehicles, the Argus engineering vehicle, and the Athena command and control variant.

The Brimstone 3 is the latest version to emerge from the British Capability Sustainment Program (CSP) announced in March 2018. It retains the features of the Brimstone 2 version, e.g. B. a fuselage with a weight of 50 kg and 18 cm. Diameter, double control system with millimeter radar and semi-active laser, rocket engine and multi-effect tandem warhead. The novelties include a new Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) called the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS), an improved autopilot system that increases precision as well as storage and processing capacity in order to be able to integrate new functions in the future. The maximum range of this supersonic missile is 60 km. Launched from an airplane or 40 if used by a helicopter. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Ajax Overwatch with the launcher in an elevated position (GDLS)

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