General Aguirre takes up his post as General Commander of the Spanish Marines Tercio de Armada-Noticias

Brigadier General Jos Luis Souto Aguirre has taken up his post as General Commander of the Tercio de Armada (TEAR). The event, chaired by the newly appointed Commander General of the Marine Infantry (COMGEIM), Major General Rafael Roldn Tudela, who held this position until a few days ago, took place in the battalions of the San Carlos Barracks-San Fernando Navy (Cdiz).

The force consisted of a group of funders, the South Tercio Music Unit, Colonel flags and two battalions, under the command of Lt. Col. Jaime Nez Jimnez. After reading the appointment was completed and the order recognition formula was pronounced, General Aguirre swore his position in the presence of the unit and supporting authorities. Immediately afterwards he received the staff of the command, always within the framework of the above-mentioned barracks of San Carlos, which was built in 1786.

TEAR is the largest unit of the oldest marine infantry in the world since it was founded in 1537 and, together with the Protection Force (FUPRO) and the Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE), belongs to the Naval Infantry Force (FIM) reports directly to the commanding general of the marine infantry.

In addition, TEAR is the expedition component of the Marine Infantry Force. As such, their primary role, within the projective capacity of sea power over land, is to conduct coastal military operations that are integrated into units of the fleet at sea. This is the main force in the Spanish Navy. However, its combat capabilities allow it to be used in purely terrestrial offshore operations that are integrated with the operational organizations that could be formed.

Brigadier General Jos Luis Souto Aguirre entered the Marn Military Naval School (Pontevedra) in August 1982 and was promoted to lieutenant in July 1987. After completing various military professions, he was promoted to colonel in September 2015. In 2021 he was promoted to brigadier general.

During his career, he was assigned to both force and force support units and headquarters. His national duties include those of Chief of Staff of the Marine Brigade TEAR, Commander of FIM Headquarters and Chief of General Staff, and Chief of Naval Operations Department. In this position, he was the head of operations for the maritime component of Operations Balmis and Baluarte, which were developed to prevent / combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For three years he was part of the planning department at the NATO Maritime Headquarters in Northwood, UK. He has participated in peace missions in Mozambique and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is a specialist in tactical communication, a diploma from the General Staff of the School of Armed Forces and a diploma from the NATO Defense College. He has taken the Navy and NATO Electronic Warfare Courses, the Research Methodology and Educational Techniques Course of the Military School of Education, the Atlantic Alliance Course in Mission Planning, Civil-Military Cooperation and Planning for Strategic Civil Military Cooperation.

He has thirteen national and international civil and military awards. He is married and has five children. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: General Aguirre during the swearing-in of his position as General Commander of TEAR. (TEAR photo)

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