Future fighter pilots start real armament launches

The Joker Squadron (2 ° / 5 ° GAV) based in Wing 10 in Parnamirim (RN) carried out a campaign to launch a real armament. The operative activity took place on October 28th. Instead and was the final phase of the Operational Specialization Course for Combat Aircraft (CEO-CA) from 2020, in which 23 would-be pilots were prepared for Brazilian Air Force (FAB) fighter pilots.

The training took place in the area of ​​the Maxaranguape Aeronautical Shooting Stand, which is located about 80 km from Wing 10. Four A-29 Super Tucano aircraft were used for each mission. The armament was started after a navigation lap at a low altitude and entry into the stand area. During the phase, SBAT-70 rockets, cartridges with 0.50-inch machine guns and general-purpose bombs (BAFG-120) with 50 kg of explosives were dropped on tactical targets on the ground.

The commander of the Joker squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Aviator José de Almeida Pimentel Neto, emphasized the work of the instructors and the commitment of the prospective pilots so that they could monitor the course of the mission and maintain the quality of the training of the fighter pilots. “Today we can see that these young people who came here earlier in the year, full of dreams and willingness to learn, have become fighters with the maturity required to take operational responsibility for Fighter Aviation and firmly committed to national interests to fight. “He concluded.

For CEO-CA 2020 aspiring pilot Lieutenant Victor Kazuo Nakandakari, this is a special moment in his operational career that rewards all the efforts made during the last eight years of training to make a dream come true. “When we took off in a plane loaded with real armament, we felt under the wings a responsibility to maintain the sovereignty of the Brazilian airspace, which we will soon be entrusted with,” added the officer.

Source: FAB

Photos: Captain Ranyer, Lieutenant Marcílio, Lieutenant Roveglia / 2 ° / 5 ° GAV

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