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The Spanish company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering has confirmed progress in the development of the Sentinel TAO marine anti-aircraft tower, the properties of which we further developed in 2019. This system combines GAU-12 multi-barrel cannons with 5 25 mm cannons. or the GAU-22 with four guns of the same caliber, which becomes a system around which a Close In Weapon System (CIWS) defense can be developed for close defenses of surface ships, although it could also be adapted for land applications.

It’s a good example of how the company continues to rely on the development of new versions and applications of its remote workstations for land, sea, and air applications. The company, based in Alcal de Henares, stood out for its ability to integrate small and medium caliber weapon systems using a common architecture around a gyro-stabilized multipurpose platform equipped with electro-optical sensors, which were also developed in-house. These enable the automatic tracking of targets, which are controlled by a command and control system that can be adapted to different platforms or for border surveillance or for the launching of RPAS.

Its catalog includes light stations such as the ASPIS with a weight of 90 kg, marine and land towers of 30 mm. and is working on the development of anti-aircraft artillery systems that combine multi-barrel guns and surface-to-air missiles, such as the Sentinel TAO already analyzed.

The Guardian Land Tower family includes various versions with the integration of light calibers from 5.56 to 12.70 mm and 30 mm cannons. As compact as the 40 mm grenade launcher M230LF or Mk-19. also offers hard-kill solutions for the fight against RPAS and can use a saturation weapon like the M-134D or a programmable air blast ammunition for the 40mm grenade launcher. All of these towers have the embedded simulation capability to facilitate the training required. This service increases performance by integrating augmented reality and artificial intelligence solutions.

The new Guardian Next Generation remote work station is characterized by the combination of the architecture of the Guardian 2.0 towers with an M230LF automatic cannon with an electric drive in 30×113 mm caliber. Weighing 180 kilos, it combines great firepower with a size and weight that allow its integration into lightweight 4×4 vehicles such as the VAMTAC in which it is shown.

All of these towers can be configured to connect to external systems, which may include audible fire alarms for automatic target acquisition, electro-optical sensors like the company’s own OTEOS, or laser alarm receivers for armored vehicles. They can also be adapted to the exact requirements of the customer by combining weapons with different properties with smoke throwers and armor plates up to level 2 of the STANAG 4569 standard (Jos M Navarro Garca).

Photo: The Guardian Next with a 30mm barrel. (EM & E)

Escribano air defense solutions (EM&E)

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