Frigates will account for a third of the world market for military ships in the next decade

According to a study by the international consultancy GlobalData, 32.7% of the military ships to be built in the next decade will be frigates. The study of this company The Global Naval Vessels and Surface Combatants Market 2021-2031 offers a number of interesting conclusions. The first is the overwhelming weight of the frigates in upcoming programs, or the current value of the surface combat ship market this year, which is estimated at $ 34.1 billion. This will grow an average of 3.49% over the next decade, reaching $ 48.1 billion in 2031. After frigates, destroyers are by far the second most important segment with a 16.6% market share.

The study assumes that the large number of modernization programs under way around the world is a decided bet on frigates for a variety of reasons. These range from modularity and versatility for carrying out various missions, to the need to equip ships with anti-submarine capabilities when countries are dealing with the growing Russian submarine fleet, to the suitability of frigates, mother ships for operating unmanned ships Systems to become. This growing segment includes the increasing use of boats, submersibles and unmanned aircraft, which require adequate vessels to transport and operate.

According to GlobalData, 207 new frigates are expected to enter service over the next decade, with Europe playing a prominent role, which will account for 34.8% of the market over the next decade, followed by the US with 31.5% and the Asia-Pacific region with 26.8 percent. The programs running in Europe include the F-110 of the Spanish Navy, the Italian-French FREMM, the German MKS-180, the British Type 26 and Type 31 or the French Belhara. In the USA, the FFG (X) program awarded by Fincantieri stands out, which includes the construction of up to 20 frigates of the so-called Constellation class. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: One of the possible configurations of the frigate F-110 (Author)

The Distribution of the Military Marine Market by Category for the Next Decade (GlobalData)

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