Former commanders in chief of the Chilean Armed Forces call for an update of the procedural system for uniformed persons in human rights cases

In a letter to El Mercurio newspaper, former commanders in chief of the Chilean Navy and Air Force called for human rights (HR) cases for which ex-soldiers are being investigated to be migrated to the current procedural system. The petition comes after the judicial process surrounding the death of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva – in January 1982 – took a turn for the worse: the Ninth Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Santiago, which was responsible for the cassation and appeal of the plaintiffs and the defense in relation to the first instance decision setting up the commission of murder and convicting six people for those purposes dismissed all charges and found that the ex-president’s cause of death was solely due to medical complications in La Tercera.

In light of this, the retired generals wrote: The recent ruling of the Ninth Chamber of the Santiago Court of Appeal, as well as the exposure of the precariousness and bias of the Minister’s inquiry, as well as his fragile and unfounded first instance decision, enabled the unjust and archaic ancient procedural system that was only for Former uniformed persons in the so-called DD cases, the aim is to gain greater visibility. H H.

In addition, since 2005 and after a period of the white march, all courts in the country had to adapt the new procedural system, as the old one was made clear that it was curious and, above all, curious.The minimum guarantees for a due process were not given or observed. Isn’t it time to put an end to this considerable and arbitrary injustice against the ex-uniformed men and, as a rule, to have the migration of all causes to the current system that is supposed to apply to all Chileans? It cannot be that the administrators and producers of hatred continue to enforce their ideological arguments. Nobody wants or seeks impunity, we just seek true justice and equality before the law.

The letter is signed by retired Generals Miguel ngel Vergara Villalobos, Edmundo Gonzlez Robles and Rodolfo Codina Daz, former naval commanders in chief, as well as Osvaldo Sarabia Vilches, Jorge Rojas Vila and Ricardo Ortega Perrier, former commanders in chief of the armed forces. Area.

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