Former Chilean Defense Minister Alberto Espina has been appointed advisor to the State Defense Council

The Chilean President Sebastin Piera has appointed Alberto Espina Otero as a lawyer on the State Defense Council. His appointment took into account the broad career of the former Minister of Defense, whose appointment to the post comes after his departure from the Cabinet on July 28, where he was replaced by Mario Desbordes.

During his tenure, among other things, the law to create a new financing system for the armed forces was passed, which put an end to the copper law. The law providing greater control over reserved spending in this area was also passed. During his 28 years as an MP he was a permanent member of the Constitution, Legislation and Justice Commission, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

He also participated in the Chamber of Deputies on the Drugs, Citizens’ Safety, Education, Science and Technology Commissions.

Espina will take over his new role at CDE on November 9th. The State Defense Council consists of 12 presidential-appointed lawyers who retire at the age of 75 and can only be removed from office by virtue of a Senate agreement. (Pamela Squella)

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