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In 2019-2022, Juan Sebastián Elcano will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world that brought Asia to Europe through the west.

If the chance and unexpected arrival in the New World was important in moving America from the eastern end of Asia to the western extreme of Europe, we must emphasize that Elcano’s world tour was the most important global event of modern times, from all ages From the point of view, which we elevate from commercial and economic to cartographic, folk, cultural, musical and gastronomic to the world of science and medicine … everything has changed, from the smells of the markets that are now being sown with spices, even the colors of the Clothing, the music, the variety of Hispanic Baroque … everything changed radically. Asia came to Spain and Europe through Nueva Espaa and from that moment on nothing was the same. The general view of the world has changed completely. These characters, Magallanes, Elcano, Gmez de Espinosa and their companions, and so many forgotten sailors, unite in themselves the tradition of exploration of Spain, which at the time became a first, if not the first, power, both commercial and maritime. With the circumnavigation, Spain checked the roundness of the earth, as explained by Elcano in his letter to the emperor as soon as he disembarked, and with this expedition made a number of geographical, cultural and scientific contributions that contributed to the later discovery of The Tour by Andrs de Urdaneta created the first global market and their first currency of similar importance to today’s dollar, which was the hard or real peso of eight silver and would become the first currency in circulation in the emerging United States of America. The circumnavigation expedition, which left Seville in August 1519, expanded the boundaries of the known world up to that moment more than he could have imagined, and as many other explorers followed them, seeking access from the Atlantic to the Pacific both north and south – and Central America they crossed the Spanish Sea or the South Seas, as the Pacific Ocean was called. Leaving both New Spain and Peru, they made intrepid explorations towards the Strait of Magellan and even towards Alaska, tirelessly mapping this maritime immensity.


Title: Forgotten Spaniards of the Pacific. A Spanish imperial company

Author: Jos Antonio Crespo-Francs

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Number of pages: 469

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