Florianópolis starts its flight to Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Floripa Airport

Last Friday afternoon (30th), Florianópolis International Airport (FLN) received the first flight on the new regular route that connects the capital Santa Catarina and Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) in Rio de Janeiro.

The route is operated by Gol four times a week in November. From December, 6 weekly flights with continuity after the summer season will be offered over the course of 2021. It is the first time Florianópolis has a regular flight to Santos Dumont Airport. Previously, the direct connection to the central terminal in Rio de Janeiro only existed during the season.

Gold’s Boeing 737-800 was received with a water salute, the traditional aviation christening for new routes or new airlines. Passengers were also surprised by disembarkation, with the right to lead bossa nova to the ambient noise and welcome souvenirs at the baggage conveyor.

Photo: Floripa Airport

“Connecting Florianópolis with Santos Dumont on a regular basis has always been one of our goals. Santos Dumont is a central airport in Rio and offers quick access to the most popular parts of the city such as Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana. And of course business travelers are taken care of – it’s like Congonhas in São Paulo. Our studies show that we have enough demand to support routes to Galeão and Santos Dumont. They complement each other, ”analyzes Ricardo Gesse, CEO of Florianópolis, Vitória and Macaé airports.

Itinerary new route

Outgoing: FLN-SDU 06:30 08:00

Return: SDU-FLN 21:30 23:00

November flight network

The move at Florianópolis Airport in November is expected to increase the number of flights by 34% compared to October 2020 and restore the flight network operated in November 2019 by 60%. In addition to the flights to Santos Dumont, you should note other highlights of the following month at Florianópolis International Airport:

Confins – Belo Horizonte: The route resumed on Friday (30) and will offer 6 weekly flights with Azul in November

Chapecó and Porto Alegre: increase in the number of flights through Azul.

Congonhas (SP): Latam returns regularly on the CGH route.

Galeão and Guarulhos: The routes are also served by Gol and Latam.

Photo: Floripa Spotter / Disclosure

Florianópolis International Airport is now directly connected to 9 airports: Congonhas, Viracopos and Guarulhos in São Paulo; Belo Horizonte – Confins in Minas Gerais; RIOgaleão and Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro as well as the airports in Brasília, Porto Alegre and Chapecó.

Source: Floripa Airport

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